Reasons Social People get more Instagram Likes

News 10:04 April 2024:

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The Rock, or if you like Dwayne Johnson has more than 55 million followers on Instagram. And boy, have you seen how many likes he gets on his instagram posts? In just five minutes he can get over a thousand likes, but is it because he is a celebrity alone? Of course there are other celebrities and public figures out there that can’t get as many Instagram likes as he does. His secret? Well, no secret but just being the guy he is. The Rock mainly posts inspirational posts about his fans or about other movements he supports, and fans are always flocking his account to posts comments and ask questions.

You could also become popular and attract more likes by posting content that can stimulate feelings out of people. Start by posting a picture of you playing with your pet. A message asking your followers to partake a contest with you, following many people who follow you as well, and soon you could get surprised at how many instagram likes you could get with simple daily posts of you being you on Instagram.